Hit the Links at Diable Creek Golf Course

The Diablo Golf Course is a fantastic course for anyone who loves golf here at your Concord luxury apartment community.  Source: MorgueFile

If you enjoy golf, or if you’re interested in learning the sport, you’ll want to check out the Diablo Golf Course in Concord. The Diablo Golf Course is a large, 18-hole course with a practice putting green available for players who need to warm up before tee time. There is also a sports bar and restaurant, a covered barbeque area for private parties, … [Read more...]

3 Tips for Giving Your Dog a Bath

Here are some more handy pet training tips to help you bathe your dog here at your Concord luxury apartment. Source: MorgueFile

Giving your dog a bath should be a fairly simple task, but it doesn’t always end up that way. Here are three tips to help make bath time easier for both you and your dog at your pet friendly Concord apartment. Brush Before You Bathe: Before getting your dog in the bathtub and wetting him down, run the pet brush through his fur. This will help detangle … [Read more...]

Be Sure You’re Making the Most of Your Laundry Day

Here are some great "laundry day" tips for everyone here at your Concord luxury apartment community. Source: MorgueFile

Laundry is always going to be on your chore list, but that doesn't mean it has to take up a lot of your time. Get the most out of your Concord apartment with a laundry area by using these washing tips for your button-down shirts. Before tossing those button-down shirts in the washer, take a minute and undo all those buttons, even the little ones. This … [Read more...]

Banish Allergies from Your Concord Luxury Apt This Spring

Here are some helpful tips for anyone who suffers from springtime allergies here at your Concord luxury apartment community. Source: MorgueFile

Spring is a beautiful time of year, but it can wreak havoc on your allergies. Keep those allergies at bay in your Concord apartment this spring season with these tips. Bathe Your Pet: If you have a pet, he or she could be exacerbating your allergies. Like our skin, a pet’s fur coat can pick up pollen and other allergens and bring them into your home. … [Read more...]

3 Unique Ways to Spend Time With Mom on Mother’s Day

Here are some thoughtful ways that you can celebrate Mother's Day 2014 with Mom around your Concord luxury apartment community.  Source: MorgueFile

Have you thought about what to do for Mom this Mother’s day? May 11th is coming up quick, so if you don’t know what to get Mom for her special day, here are three gift ideas Mom's sure to love. Treat Mom to the Big City: Give Mom a break from her every day routine, and take her to a larger city nearby and spend the day. Larger cities and towns … [Read more...]